BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table Review

BestMassage Reiki Portable Massage Table

BestMassage U9




Ease of Use







  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable
  • Unbeatable price


  • Flimsy arm and recliner support
  • Relatively heavy
  • Not enough padding

BestMassage is one of the leading manufacturers of massage tables. It has a reputation for making high quality and budget friendly tables. This is clearly shown in the company’s well-received BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table. This product has received a considerable amount of user reviews, with the majority giving it a perfect score. It’s arguably the best one out there today in terms of price and quality.

This table is an excellent deal for those of you who are just starting out in Reiki. You don’t just get the table, the package also comes with a carrying case, face pillow, hanging arm shelf, hand rest and an adjustable head rest. You may not need all these extras, especially if you’re just getting started with family and friends as clients. Even so, it is always good to know that they are already included in your purchase.

The features and details of the BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table are suitable for its price. It’s not over the top, but it’s not missing out on essential capabilities either.

Features and Specifications

Table SpecsAdditional Specs
2-inch thick paddingPremium carry case included
Face cradle (removable and adjustable)Head section can be raised up to 90 degrees
Adjustable height: 26 inches up to 36 inchesRemovable arm shelf
72 inches long (6 feet) x 27 inches wide (2.25 feet)Bolster not included
Weight limit: 450 lbs.Warranty not specified
Available in Black, Burgundy, Cream, Blue, Purple and PinkShipping weight: 70 lbs.

User Reviews

Users of the BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table have mostly positive feedback from Reiki practitioners.

The Reiki table’s weight limit isn’t really a problem. 450 pounds is sufficient for the most part. There are rare occasions where a client can weigh more than table’s the working limit, but it is often revealed well before the session takes place.

The arm rest support as well as the support in the recliner section (where there table can be raised by up to 90 degrees) are the weak points of the table. Although the table has been unanimously regarded as sturdy, criticism on the aforementioned areas remains consistent.

The 2-inch padding is not so much of an issue. That’s not the best out there, but it can be easily adjusted by adding extra padding to make it more comfortable.

Overall, this table is certainly the best bang for your back and is highly recommended for those just starting out on Reiki.

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