CHRUN Portable Massage Table Review

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Ease of Use







  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive customer support


  • Stability issues
  • Narrow width

In this review, we will find out about the CHRUN Portable Massage Table. It’s from a company that’s fairly new to the rest and relaxation space. They only have four massage and Reiki tables at this time, and they’re all priced below the $199 price range. This particular unit is their 2-fold wooden portable table with face hole and Reiki panel support (Model: ‎MT-HM260). The other three portable massage tables that CHRUN carries include an aluminum 2-fold, a wooden 3-fold, and another wooden 2-fold without Reiki panels.

CHRUN Portable Massage Table 23.6in Massage Bed Lash Bed Facial Bed SPA Bed Tattoo Table Height Adjustment with Accessories & Carrying Bag 2 Section Wooden

Features and Specifications

  Table Specs   Additional Specs
- 2 inches
- high density sponge
  Face cradle included
- PU leather
- waterproof
  Face pillow included
- Beech hardwood
  Face hole cover included
Length = 72.83 inches (6 feet)
Width = 23.6 inches (2 feet)
  Arm rests included
  Adjustable Height:
Minimum = 24 inches
Maximum = 35 inches
  Forward arm shelf / arm sling included
  Weight Limit:
496 lbs., static (225 kg)
  Nylon carrying bag included
  Table Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)   Available Colors:
- Black
- Pink
  Supported configuration:
- Reiki
- Massage
- Lash
- Facial
- Tattoo


CHRUN Portable Massage Table MT-HM260 - Padding
CHRUN Portable Massage Table MT-HM260 - Interior
CHRUN Portable Massage Table MT-HM260 - Headrest and Arm Sling
CHRUN Portable Massage Table MT-HM260 - Height Adjustment
CHRUN Portable Massage Table MT-HM260 - Attachments
CHRUN Portable Massage Table MT-HM260 - Carrying Bag

User Reviews

Price Tag


There were loads of positive feedback regarding the price of the CHRUN Portable Massage Table. It’s just right – not too cheap nor too pricey. Even though it is not the most affordable massage table with Reiki panels on our chart, it is certainly one of our best-value-for-money options.



One of the drawbacks of the CHRUN Portable Massage Table is that it has stability issues. There were reports of the table being a bit shaky when the height was raised to near upper limits (35 inches). A number of users claimed that they felt unsafe when setting the table at these heights. There were also some users who felt uncomfortable lying on the table even though they weigh less than the table’s rated static weight limit of 496 lbs.


Weighing Scale

This massage table shines in the weight department. It has received numerous positive responses about how lightweight it is and how easy it is to unfold. It’s really a one-person job. At 32 lbs., this massage table (CHRUN MT-HM260) is not as light as high-end aluminum portable massage and Reiki tables. However, it is not as heavy as most wooden portable massage tables either.


Dimensions - Measurements

At 23.6 inches (2 feet), this massage table is one of the narrowest on the market. The arm rests that came bundled with the table may make it wider by up to 8 inches, but they only widen the shoulder area. Unfortunately, there are no remedies to make the table wider aside from buying entirely new and larger alternatives. Some higher-priced units have a width of 30 inches (2.5 feet), while the premium ones from Earthlite and Master Massage can go up to 31.2 inches (2.6 feet).


Verdict - Reviews

All things considered, the CHRUN Portable Massage Table with model number MT-HM260 can be good for practice or for home use. Although the price is right, it may not be good enough for frequent use by professionals.


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