10 Highly Rated Reiki Books for Laypersons

Reiki Books

Those who want to learn Reiki now have a lot of tools at their disposal. There are plenty of resources out there at a click of a button – online courses, e-books, blogs and videos among others. But there are just some things that withstood the passage of time. Reiki books have existed for decades, and these books have become the basis of how Reiki is being performed in the western world.

Listed below are ten of the most loved Reiki books. One of them is a related book on Chakras.

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art

Author: Diane Stein
Publishing Date: April 1, 1995
Pages: 156
Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simple system of “laying on of hands” healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. In the West, Reiki has been kept highly secret for many years. ESSENTIAL REIKI presents full information on all three degrees of this healing system, most of it in print for the first time. Teaching from the perspective that Reiki healing belongs to all people, Diane Stein breaks new ground in her classic guide to this ancient practice. While no book can replace the directly received Reiki “attunements,” ESSENTIAL REIKI provides everything else that the healer, practitioner, and teacher of this system needs.

Reiki The Ultimate Guide Learn Sacred Symbols & Attunements

Author: Steve Murray
Publishing Date: June 25, 2004
Pages: 304
This first guide in the best-selling Reiki, the Ultimate Guide series makes Reiki knowledge accessible to everyone! It’s the book some Healers do not want published. The book includes: Photos and Illustrations that show step-by-step how to activate and use Reiki Symbols, how to give and prepare for: a Reiki 1st, 2nd, and Master Attunement, Reiki Psychic and Healing Attunement. You will also learn how to Beam and Scan with Reiki, how to remove Psychic Debris, why the variations in Reiki Symbols, why Reiki Secrets are not needed, what to expect after an Attunement, and how to protect yourself, plus much more Reiki information.

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

Author: Mikao Usui, Christine M. Grimm
Publishing Date: January 3, 1999
Pages: 79
This book will show you the original hand positions from Dr. Usui’s Reiki handbook. It has been illustrated with 100 photos to make it easier to understand. The hand positions for a great variety of health complaints have been listed in detail, making it a valuable reference work for anyone who practices Reiki. Whether you are an initiate or a master, if you practice Reiki you can expand your knowledge dramatically as you follow in the footsteps of a great healer.

Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide

Author: Pamela Miles
Publishing Date: June 19, 2008
Pages: 288
Perhaps the gentlest healing therapy in the world, Reiki originated in early twentieth-century Japan. In this indispensable guide to Reiki, one of the foremost experts traces the origin and development of the practice, detailing how and why it restores and renews the human body in ways we?ve only begun to understand.

A pioneer in bringing Reiki into mainstream medical practice, Miles draws on her unique background to explain how this therapeutic technique, which involves a gentle laying on of the hands, complements conventional medical treatments and can hasten recovery from invasive surgical procedures, as well as ease the symptoms of cancer, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. With compassion, wisdom, and the accumulated experience that comes from nearly twenty years as a Reiki practitioner, Pamela Miles empowers readers by showing how simple it is to take.

Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development

Author: Christopher Penczak
Publishing Date: October 8, 2004
Pages: 288
What is Reiki? How has this Japanese healing tradition evolved over the years? How are modern magick practitioners using Reiki energy in their spells and rituals?

Christopher Penczak answers these questions and more in his groundbreaking examination of Reiki from a magickal perspective. The history, mythos, variations, and three degrees of Reiki are discussed in depth. Penczak also suggests way to integrate Reiki and magickal practice, such as using Reiki energy for psychic development and with candle magick, crystals, herbs, charms, and talismans.

2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Winner for Best Alternative Health Book!

Reiki for Life: The Complete Guide to Reiki Practice for Levels 1, 2 & 3

Author: Penelope Quest
Publishing Date: April 15, 2010
Pages: 320
An exciting and comprehensive handbook, Reiki for Life contains everything readers need to know about the healing art of Reiki. This practical guide covers all points: basic routines, details about the power and potential of each level, special techniques for enhancing Reiki practice, and helpful direction on the use of Reiki toward spiritual growth. Penelope Quest also compares the origins and development of Reiki in the West and the East, revealing methods specific to the original Japanese Reiki tradition.

Reiki For Dummies

Author: Nina L. Paul
Publishing Date: November 7, 2005
Pages: 360
Millions of people seek ways to relax, promote healing, or connect with their soul. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple but profound healing system that was originally developed in Japan. Reiki means “spiritual energy” or “universal life-force energy.” The Reiki system is universal because it can be used by people of any background or religion. Reiki For Dummies explains how you can harness this energy for yourself.

Essential Reiki Teaching Manual: A Companion Guide for Reiki Healers

Author: Diane Stein
Publishing Date: June 1, 2007
Pages: 160
Reiki master and best-selling author Diane Stein has been a dedicated hands-on healer since 1988. Stein believes strongly that this powerful healing art, once a closely guarded secret tradition, should be accessible and available to all. Since she began teaching in 1990, Stein has initiated thousands of students in all three levels of Reiki healing. Through these efforts she developed a comprehensive teaching method that encompasses the fundamentals of this ancient system.

The ESSENTIAL REIKI TEACHING MANUAL equips the Reiki initiate with the practical tools needed for launching a Reiki healing practice, leading a Reiki workshop, and becoming a more effective Reiki practitioner. This hands-on instructional guide together with the digitally re-mastered DIANE STEIN’S ESSENTIAL REIKI WORKSHOP DVD is the next best thing to a personal teaching session with Diane Stein herself.

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life

Author: Elizabeth Fulton, Kathleen Prasad, Kendra Luck (Photographer), Cheryl Schwartz (Foreword)
Publishing Date: April 5, 2006
Pages: 236
WHETHER YOU’RE A NEWCOMER TO THE FIELD OF energy medicine, an experienced practitioner or an animal lover committed to learning everything you can about your companion’s health, Animal Reiki will open your eyes to a new level of healing and well-being. From dogs and cats to horses and birds, this book is everything you need to understand and appreciate the power of Reiki to heal and deepen the bond with the animals in your life.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System (Llewellyn’s New Age Series)

Author: Anodea Judith
Publishing Date: 1987
Pages: 519
As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, the chakras offer unparalleled opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. Anodea Judith’s classic introduction to the chakra system, which has sold over 200,000 copies, has been completely updated and expanded. It includes revised chapters on relationships, evolution, and healing, and a new section on raising children with healthy chakras.

Wheels of Life takes you on a powerful journey through progressively transcendent levels of consciousness. View this ancient metaphysical system through the light of new metaphors, ranging from quantum physics to child development. Learn how to explore and balance your own chakras using poetic meditations and simple yoga movements―along with gaining spiritual wisdom, you’ll experience better health, more energy, enhanced creativity, and the ability to manifest your dreams.

4 thoughts on “10 Highly Rated Reiki Books for Laypersons

  1. A couple of my favorites are on this list! I’m curious to check out Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development and I appreciate you pointing that one out!

  2. Since being attuned to reiki a few years ago I have been kind of a reiki junkie, so these books will definitely be on my wishlist 🙂 Thanks for putting this list together. I specialise in reiki for dogs, cats and horses so it’s nice to see the Animal Reiki one on your list!

  3. The Essential Reiki guide really is helpful and probably the best overall book on Reiki healing energy! I’m curious to read the Magick of Reiki, as I had never heard of that one before. Love and light, Deborah

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