Earthlite Massage Table Cart Review

Earthlite Massage Table Cart Review




Ease of Use






The Earthlite Massage Table Cart is an excellent companion for practitioners who do a lot of outcalls. It’s surely satisfying when you’re rolling your massage table with ease instead of carrying it by hand, especially when your destination is still a few feet away, like a hotel or a multi-storey apartment. When the cart is folded, it’s compact enough to fit inside the trunk of a car without taking up too much space. It’s compatible with most portable massage tables too, so no need to replace your current table.

Features and Specifications

The Earthlite Massage Table Cart is specifically made for Earthlite massage tables, such as the Harmony, Spirit, Avalon, Avalite Sports and Pegasus product lines. However, most table manufacturers follow a standard set of sizes. So the one you’re currently using, even if it’s not Earthlite, will most likely be compatible with this cart.

Features at a Glance
Telescoping handle
6-inch wheels
Designed with stair Glide
Folds up compact for easy travel
One year limited warranty

The cart has two quick-release straps that help fasten the table in place. It’s smooth-rolling wheels are able to handle most terrains. On the other hand, the telescoping handle makes rolling the table from your doorway to the car a fairly simple task.

User Reviews

Users of the Earthlite Massage Table Cart generally have good things to say about the product. The most notable feedback is that the cart makes their job easier. As one user put it: It saved my back! Another user also expressed how easy it was to navigate crowded hallways, which would otherwise be troublesome if the table was carried by hand.

On the contrary, the cart has its flaws too. In uneven surfaces like stairs, the cart can be difficult to maneuver. You can’t roll it either because the wheels aren’t big enough for the steps. If you put accessories such as a bolster and some sheets on the side of the cart, it can lose its balance.

Despite its imperfections, the Earthlite Massage Table Cart is still one of the top table carts in the market today. For other cart options, head over to our Massage Table Cart Guide.

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