Reiki Tables – A Must in Effective Reiki Healing

One of the widely known and used energy healing modalities is that of Reiki Energy healing. Reiki healing is based on the concept of the existence of the universal energy called “Ki”, which is the Japanese term for the revitalizing energy of the Creator. Using hand positions which correspond to the positions of the seven chakras, the Reiki practitioner channels the “Ki” to the damaged part of the recipient’s body. Reiki healing is generally done while the recipient is lying prostrate and as such, the need for dependable and durable Reiki tables is very much an imperative in the proper and effective performance of Reiki healing.

Reiki Table Rankings (Updated: 2019)

We have refreshed our charts to include new releases and changes in item pricing. The 2019 chart is divided into two price points – $200 and higher as well as $199 and below. The chart also focuses on tables that have Reiki endplates or have partial Reiki support out-of-the-box. Another new feature is the movement of the entries in the rankings. An unchanged, risen, declined or new entry is indicated by its corresponding icon.

Hopefully, breaking up the chart into these price points can help you come up with a much better decision. Simply choose the one that fits your budget and use case. Whether you’re a professional or a home user, there’s certainly one that is right for you.

US $200 & Up:

1 Ranking UpMaster Massage Montclair Therma-Top Portable Massage Table

Non Therma-Top Version: Master Massage Montclair Portable Massage Table
2 Ranking DownEarthlite Avalon FLAT Portable Massage Table

Tilted Version: Earthlite Avalon TILT Premium Portable Massage Table
9.5Wood6.12.5Flat: Read

Tilt: Read
3 Ranking UpMaster Massage Santana LX Portable Massage Table9.3Wood62.6Read
4 Ranking DownEarthlite Luna Portable Massage Table9.3Aluminum6.12.5Read
5 Ranking FlatInner Strength Element Portable Massage Table9.2Wood6.12.5Read
6 Ranking FlatMaster Massage Montour LX Massage Table9.2Wood62.5Read
7 Ranking UpEarthlite Spirit Premium Portable Massage Table9Wood6.12.6Read
8 Ranking DownMaster Massage Stratomaster Ultralight Portable Massage Table9Aluminum62.5Read
9 Ranking NewMaster Massage Monroe Portable Massage TableN/AWood62.5N/A
10 Rank DownMaster Massage Phoenix Therma-Top Portable Massage Table8.5Wood62.5Read

US $199 & Below:

1 Ranking UpBestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table9.6Wood62.25Read
2 Ranking DownSierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table (SC-901)9.6Wood6.22.3Read
3 Rank UpSaloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table9.5Wood62.5Read
4 Ranking DownBestMassage Premium All Inclusive Complete Portable Massage TableBestMassage Portable Facial Spa Bed9.4Wood6.22.3Read
5 Ranking UpSierra Comfort Sooth Series Portable Massage Table (SC-601)9.3Wood6.22.3Read
6 Ranking UpBestMassage 4-inch Pad Massage Table9.3Wood6.422.5Read
7 Ranking NewBestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage TableN/AWood6.422.3N/A
8 Rank DownBestMassage PU Portable Massage Table9.3Wood62.25Read
9 Ranking FlatMerax Aluminum 3 Section Portable Massage Table9.2Aluminum6.12.25Read
10 Ranking FlatHeaven Massage Two Fold Portable Massage Table9Wood62.25Read
11 Ranking UpSierra Comfort Relief Portable Massage Table (SC-501)8.9Wood62.3Read
12 Rank DownSaloniture Professional Portable Massage Table8.8Wood6.422.5Read
13 Ranking New2-Fold Aluminum Bed SpaN/AAluminum6.12.3N/A
Earthlite Reiki Table

In traditional Reiki healing sessions, patients or recipients of Reiki healing are asked to lie down on traditional Japanese beds called “futons” which consist of padded mattresses with flexible and pliable quilts that could be easily folded and carted away to storage places. Futons usually came in handy during the early years of the development of Reiki healing modalities. In fact, futons served as Reiki tables where most Reiki healing took place. Since these futons were easy to store away during day time and portable enough to carry to any location, they made a lot of miraculous Reiki healing.

With the advent of modern technology and state-of-art equipment and tools, most pieces of furniture have also evolved and became more conveniently customized. Reiki practitioners nowadays have a wide range of choices as to what kind of Reiki tables to use in their Reiki clinics. In fact, one of the most exciting aspects in the Reiki practice is the act of choosing which Reiki tables to use during the healing sessions.

Here are some pieces of advice in choosing the kind of Reiki tables to use:

  1. Sometimes, people who undergo Reiki healing are meticulous about the kind of bed they would like to lie down. Some would prefer a metal-framed bed, while others would like to use a wood-framed bed. However, Reiki is an energy healing method and as such, you really have to consider the kind of materials your Reiki tables are made of. You can choose between wooden beds or metal beds. Wood gradually absorbs energy and have a slow energy vibration as compared to metal. However, wood is less resistant to toxic energy. Therefore, it needs frequent clearing from absorbed toxic and negative energy. On the other hand, metal does not easily absorb negative vibrational energy and consequently do not need frequent vibrational clearing of toxic energy.
  2. The second consideration you should have in choosing Reiki tables is that of comfort. You should have a lot of options (tables with various sizes) for your clients to choose from to make them feel more relaxed. Some clients are tall while others are short of stature. You should have an array of long and short Reiki tables from which they could choose what suits them most. Likewise, many recipients of Reiki Healing are suffering from some forms of maladies. Thus, paramount in your choice of Reiki tables should be their utmost comfort. Some clients are lacking the necessary mobility to move around your clinic. You should therefore, consider the portability aspect of your Reiki tables. Can you cart them away to the place where your client is in case your clients are weak and debilitated? Moreover, your Reiki tables should be portable in case you would like to rearrange your clinic to accommodate more patients.
iron man table

Another important consideration is this: do you intend to teach Reiki, or do you only want to practice it? If you intend to use your tables for some Reiki tutorials, you should have more of them. Some furniture companies give discounts. Reiki tables, likewise, are often offered for sale. So if you want to buy more tables, it’s good to be on a look out for discounts. There are many tables and beds available in the market nowadays.

To avoid buying wrongly, you should know the difference between Reiki tables and massage tables. Reiki tables are open underneath because Reiki practitioners usually do their healing while sitting beside the table where the patient is lying prostrate. On the other hand, massage tables have kneelers around them because masseurs usually do their massage while kneeling. You should also make sure that the head rests are well padded and that they fit suitably to the dimensions of your Reiki tables. The head rest is a necessity in the Reiki healing sessions. It eases out the tension between the head of the client and the bed. Furthermore, it allows the recipients of healing to relax their head which is critical in the healing process. For this reason, you can add extra padding if the patient feels that his head is uncomfortably positioned during healing.

Some Reiki clients are coming from faraway places. Some of them have given up on scientific methods of healing and have resorted to Reiki healing as their last resort. As such, they would usually pay some amount of money just to be healed. I would advise you, therefore, to buy Reiki tables according to your means and profits. Don’t buy tables which you would never need. However, as you gain more clients, use your savings to buy more cozy tables for your practice and for your clients’ comfort. Lastly, always buy tables from furniture companies which have warranty for their furniture. Don’t lose your warranty form for reasons that they may come in handy if your Reiki tables suddenly break down or are damaged. You could have them replaced or returned in cases of damage within the specified warranty time.

Reiki healing is quickly becoming a popular alternative healing modality throughout the whole world. Various Reiki books have been written about it and I guess if you want to know more about the Reiki practice, you could avail yourself of one of these Reiki books. Likewise, always remember that in the practice of Reiki healing, it would be of great help if patients could lie comfortably on highly customized Reiki tables for the most effective channeling of the “Ki” energy to the damaged parts of the patient’s body.