BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table Review

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BestMassage 3-inch Pad




Ease of Use







  • - Thicker than average padding
  • Not wobbly
  • Easy assembly
  • - Budget-friendly price


  • Bulky
  • Flimsy headrest

The BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table looks exactly like the BestMassage Portable Facial Spa Bed, but it has several distinctions which we will discuss later in this review. BestMassage is known for its budget-friendly massage and Reiki tables. When it comes to affordable portable massage tables with Reiki panels, BestMassage frequently tops the list.

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Bed Spa Bed 77-inch Long 28-inch Wide

Features and Specifications

  Table Specs   Additional Specs
- 3 inches
- high density sponge padding
  Face hole plug
  Upholstery: PU leather   Side armrests included
  Frame: Beech hardwood   Face cradle included
Length = 77 inches (6.4 ft.)
Width = 28 inches (2.3 ft.)
  Face pillow included
L = 77 inches (6.4 ft.)
W = 28 inches (2.3 ft.)
  Armrest shelf included
  Folded Dimensions:
Length = 38.5 inches
Width = 28 inches
Thickness = 9.5 inches
  Carrying bag included
  Adjustable Height:
Minimum = 26 inches
Maximum = 36 inches
  Warranty: 2 years
  Weight Limit: 450 lbs.
  Table Weight: 37 lbs.
  Shipping Weight: 42.7 lbs.

BestMassage 3-inch Pad vs Facial Spa Bed

As mentioned above, this unit is fundamentally different from its sibling, the BestMassage Portable Facial Spa Bed because of these features:

3-inch PadFacial Spa Bed
Padding:3 inches2 inches
Adjustable Height:26-36 inches24-34 inches
Table Length:77 inches73 inches
Table Weight:37 lbs.34 lbs.
Accessory:NoneHalf round bolster
Accessory:NoneMassage table sheets
Accessory:NoneTowel hanger


BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table

User Reviews

Weight Limit

Weight Limit = 450 lbs.

The BestMassage 3-inch Pad is capable of supporting loads not exceeding 450 lbs. A lot of users have confirmed this. Some even claim that it can hold more than the advertised working weight limit.


Padding - Foam Thickness

The 3-inch padding is firm. It won’t easily lose its shape after many uses. It is also thicker than most massage or Reiki tables out there. Probably the biggest downside is that the foam doesn’t have memory foam. Some premium brands have some kind of a memory foam hybrid to keep the padding soft in the next several years.


Dimensions - Measurements

The 3-inch Pad is one of the longest portable massage tables in the market. In fact, you’ll have very limited options when you’re specifically looking for 77-inch units (without the headrest). This one is thick, long, and cost effective. However, there were several reports of the width being 1-inch shorter than advertised. The package comes with side arm rests, but you might be disappointed if you want a wider base.


Weighing Scale

At around 37 lbs., this table is not easy to carry around. While it is designed to be portable due to its tool-free operation, some people might have a hard time carrying it from one location to another.

Why Use A Massage Table Cart?

Having a hard time carrying this table by hand? Check out our guide on massage table carts and see which ones can fit your table and your price range.


Head faced down on headrest

The headrest is probably the Achilles’ heel of most massage or Reiki tables. This unit does not have a high quality headrest. There were reports of the headrest breaking in the middle of a session. Fortunately, there are several third party headrests that can be used in place of the one included in this package.


Verdict - Reviews

Can this massage table be used in a production environment? Well, this is an inexpensive table with components that may not be designed to handle excessive usage patterns, such as in spas. It would be risky to use it in these conditions.

Overall, the BestMassage 3-inch Pad Portable Massage Table is perfect for home use. It’s good value if you’re taking up apprenticeship programs in massage therapy or energy healing. Then again, BestMassage also has a 4-inch pad for the same price.


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