BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table Review

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BestMassage Two Fold U1




Ease of Use







  • Best low cost option
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to set up


  • Flimsy table clips
  • Dependability issues

The BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table, with model number U1, is one of the most affordable massage or Reiki tables available in the market today. It is positioned towards students, home users, and new practitioners. It looks strikingly similar to the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table. This model is probably a private label product, wherein a third party builds it, and then labels it with the retailer’s brand name.

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

Features and Specifications

This unit has a birch hardwood frame. Setting it up is easy. Just unfold and use as intended. With the headrest attached, the total length adds up to 84 inches (7 ft.). Additionally, the two side arm rests widens the table by about 9 inches.

Like its 3-fold sibling, the U9, it also comes with the usual accessories. The most significant distinction between this massage table (U1) and the U9 is that the latter has a reclining section that can be raised up to a 90-degree angle, while this one doesn’t.

  Table Specs   Additional Specs
- 2 inches
- high density sponge
  Face cradle included
  Upholstery: PU leather   Face pillow included
  Frame: Birch hardwood   Forward arm shelf included
Length = 73 inches (6.1 feet)
Width = 27 inches (2.3 feet)
  Side armrests included
  Folded Dimensions:
Length = 36.5 inches
Width = 27 inches
Thickness = 7.5 inches
  Face hole included
  Adjustable Height:
Minimum = 24 inches
Maximum = 34 inches
  Available Colors: Black, Burgundy, Pink
  Weight Limit: 450 lbs.   Warranty: n/a
  Table Weight: 32 lbs. (est.)
  Shipping Weight: 38.9 lbs.
  Supported Configuration: Reiki


BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

User Reviews


Padding - Foam Thickness

For Reiki use, this table can support heavier individuals since there is no pressure required from the practitioner. If the padding isn’t enough, there are fleece pads available that would add to the thickness.

Massage Table Warmer For Reiki and Massage

Aside from providing warmth to the client, massage table warmers can also add an extra level of padding to the table. Learn more about them by clicking on the button below.

Height Adjustment

Dimensions - Measurements

Adjusting the height takes a little bit of time (about two minutes). The legs are extended by using hand screws: 2 on each leg. It might not be an issue for most, but it does take some effort to set up.

Table Lock

One of the first components that will most likely fail due to wear and tear is probably the table clips that lock the table when folded. They will either take a lot of effort to align with the lock, or they won’t latch at all.


Verdict - Reviews

This unit is one of the lowest priced tables out there. It is ideal for those on a tight budget. As a professional, this table may disappoint you. If you’re looking for durability and reliability, there are certainly better tables out there that’s more suited towards the commercial side of things. However, for hobbyists and novices, it’s tough to pass up on this one. If your massage table lasts a couple of years, then it’s all worth it. By and large, the BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table is great value for personal or home use.


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