Ironman 30-Inch Astoria Massage Table Review

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Ironman Astoria




Ease of Use







  • Effective cable lock system
  • Bonus table warmer


  • Plastic headrest spindles
  • Poorly designed carry bag
  • Plastic feet stoppers


This massage table is not available anymore as of February 2020. The good news is that there are many alternatives to choose from. Head over to our Reiki Table Ranking Chart for more info.

Ironman is a well-known brand in the world of triathlon. When athletes hear about Ironman, they think of strength, endurance and durability. These characteristics are what the brand has been associated with through the years. The folks at Ironman attempt to incorporate these qualities into the Ironman 30-Inch Astoria Massage Table. In this review, we’ll find out if the table lives up to its name.

Features and Specifications

The Astoria is made of European Beech wood and has a working weight of 500 pounds. The 30-inch stated in the product name refers to its width, which is wider than the standard 27 inches that other competing brands are offering. The package includes a heating pad, carry bag, face cradle, and an arm rest. For added stability, Ironman included its patented Cradle Lock Cable System into the table. It prevents side wobble or rocking. The headrest is adjustable and is made of aluminum frame with contoured face cushion covered in eco-friendly PVC leather. The arm rest closures can be adjusted on three straps using the velcro. The table warmer is 6 feet long x 2.6 feet wide, heats up to 120 degrees F and has 5 temperature settings, a shut off timer as well as adjustable corner straps.

Table SpecsAdditional Specs
2-inch thick padding covered in PU leatherPatented Cradle Lock Cable System
72 inches long (6 feet) x 30 inches wide (2.5 feet)Armrest included
Adjustable height: 26 inches up to 35 inchesRemovable face cradle included
Table warmer: 6 feet long x 2.6 feet wideMassage Table Warmer included
Table weight: 34-44 lbs.1 year limited warranty
Weight limit: 500 lbs.Shipping weight: 44.8 lbs.

User Reviews

The Ironman 30-Inch Astoria Massage Table is well-built. It is stable, thanks to its patented cabling system. It folds and unfolds as intended and is not too heavy to move around. The only problem is that the headrest doesn’t live up to its name. Of all the Reiki tables reviewed on this site, the Astoria’s headrest is probably the one that breaks most easily due to its plastic spindles.

The included table warmer is something that’s not present in other massage table packages. It takes half an hour to get to its adjusted temperature, and everything after that is added comfort to the client. With regard to the 2-inch padding, a fleece topper can be added to the table warmer for longer sessions.

If you’re using this table for Reiki, the headrest can probably be tolerated. The table itself is strong and can compete with the likes of BestMassage. Except for the headrest, the table can be used in a business setting. Sure, it’s from a reputable brand. However, there are better deals out there for less than the price of the Ironman Astoria.

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