Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Review

Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Package

Earthlite Avalon FLAT




Ease of Use







  • Extremely sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Strong, stable, flexible headrest
  • Thick padding


  • Steep pricing
  • Arm rests not included
  • Bolster not included

When it comes to massage and Reiki tables, Earthlite never fails to deliver. It is arguably the number one brand for high quality massage equipment. Earthlite claims to make all its massage tables by hand so that quality is assured. Indeed, many owners say that Earthlite massage tables are incredibly sturdy and are poised to last a long time. Its prices may not be something that you can concur with right away, but it’s all worth every penny in the end.

Features and Specifications

The Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Package is ideal for the Reiki or massage professional. It is handcrafted using solid Maple hardwood and other premium quality materials. The package includes a carry case and an adjustable face cradle called Flex-Rest™ along with Form-fit™ memory cushioning. All these, combined with a lifetime limited warranty on the table is definitely worth the investment.

Table SpecsAdditional Specs
2.75-inch multi-density, CFC free paddingFull-length piano hinge
Aircraft quality Russian Birch plywood decking1000 lb. aircraft grade steel support cables
73 inches long (6 feet) x 30 inches wide (2.5 feet)Half Reiki/half standard endplates
Adjustable height: 23 inches up to 33 inchesFlex-Rest™ Facecradle included
Weight limit: 750 lbs.Heavy duty carry case included
Table weight: 34 lbs.Dual Maple headrest outlets
Shipping Weight: 47 lbs.Non-slip, Stablefoot™ Traction Pads
Available in Amethyst, Mystic, Burgundy, Black, Teal, Hunter and Vanilla CrèmeLifetime limited warranty on table
3-year warranty on foam/upholstery

User Reviews

One thing that stands out with this table and that isn’t found on any other brand is its headrest. Because the headrest is an add-on component, it tends to come apart after several uses. This is an issue that’s consistent among other brands. They either feel insecure or they break down entirely. The Avalon XD’s headrest is a testament of Earthlite’s track record of high quality massage tables. It has consistently received positive responses for having a stable and comfortable headrest. Earthlite headrests are way ahead of the competition.

With respect to the weight, it’s relatively lighter than many other massage tables. Then again, the Avalon XD packs a lot of punch when it comes to quality. The weight is totally justified for a table that doesn’t squeak or wobble when a 350-pounder puts his/her weight on it. Overall, it’s still remarkably portable as it can fit inside the trunk of a car.

For Reiki use, the Avalon XD has an endplate that goes across the top of the legs. The Reiki endplate is on one end of the table. The standard endplate on the other end doesn’t have room for the knees.

Keep in mind that this table costs at least double that of the massage tables from BestMassage or Sierra Comfort. If you have the money, this table is a very good choice. The Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Package is an industry standard. Many institutions use it simply because it has been proven to last for many years.

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