Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table Review

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Earthlite Luna




Ease of Use







  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive
  • Lackluster table package
  • Unstable headrest

The Earthlite Luna is a lightweight aluminum portable massage table. Aluminum is lightweight yet robust and inexpensive. At only 28 lbs., the Luna may just be one of the lightest Reiki tables out there. For comparison, the Earthlite Avalon XD weighs in at around 34 lbs. Reiki practitioners who are often on-the-go will certainly benefit from the Luna’s lightweight, sturdy, stable, low-maintenance and conductive qualities.

Features and Specifications

The Luna comes with Earthlite’s Pro-Lite™ cushioning system and Shimmy Lok™ leg brace system which greatly increases the frame’s strength and stability.

Table SpecsAdditional Specs
Pro-Lite™ 2-layer 2.25-inch Cushioning SystemIncludes Flex-Rest™ Self Adjusting Facecradle
Natursoft™ Upholstery – 100% PUIncludes Form-fit™ Memory Cushion
Patent pending Reiki-ready super-lite aluminum frameIncludes a durable carrying case
73 inches long (6 feet) x 30 inches wide (2.5 feet)Dual Maple headrest outlets
Table weight: 28 lbs.Full-length piano hinge
Adjustable height: 24 inches up to 34 inchesCradle-Lock™ cabling system with 1000 lb. rated aircraft grade steel cables
Weight limit: 750 lbs.Lifetime Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight: 34 lbs.3-year warranty on Foam and Upholstery
Shimmy-Lok™ Leg Brace System

User Reviews

The Earthlite Luna probably has everything that a mobile Reiki practitioner wants. It’s very easy to carry, durable and has lots of room for the knees. It’s also low-maintenance since it’s considered to have metallic properties, which in Reiki terms, doesn’t absorb negative energy as much as wood does.

The Luna is not a perfect Reiki table though. There are some concerns about the face cradle not being too stable and the table squeaking after several uses. As a detachable part, this is understandable among premium and value massage tables. However, the Earthlite Luna is the most expensive table in the group that it becomes difficult to justify such a flaw when there are less costly competing brands just around the corner.

Furthermore, the table package is not something that would excite the average Joe or plain Jane who happens to have funds for a premium table like the Luna. The package doesn’t include a bolster or a warmer. They would have been nice additions for a price point like the Luna’s.

Regardless, the Earthlite Luna is the only aluminum table in our list of premium tables ($200 & up). If you’re looking for an all-around Reiki table that you’ll have peace of mind with, the Luna will most likely be your best purchase.

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