Master Massage Montour LX Massage Table Review

Master Massage Montour LX Massage Table

Master Massage Montour LX




Ease of Use







  • Well-built
  • Very stable
  • Comfy padding
  • Packed with freebies


  • Bulky
  • Flimsy carrying bag
  • High price point

In this review, we will take a look at the Master Massage Montour LX Massage Table. Master Massage has several variations of their portable massage tables. For instance, the Santana LX has a version with a built-in warmer called, Therma-Top while the Monroe LX and Montclair has many color options. Sometimes, the different table models have features that clash, but they really have subtle internal changes, such as in the frame, width, stitching or accessories.

The Mountour LX appears to be similar to the Santana LX, but both have notable differences when examined closely.

 Montour LXSantana LX
Table Width30 inches (2.5 ft)31 inches (2.6 ft)
Table Weight34 lbs.38 lbs.
Shiatsu SupportNoYes (cable release)
Half-round BolsterIncludedNone
Carrying Bag4 pockets2 pockets
Available ColorsDove Gray onlyMountain Red only
Freebie75-pack face coverNone
Freebie4-pack Spa CDNone

Features and Specifications

The Master Massage Montour LX Massage Table is packed with accessories to justify a higher price point. It is the same sturdy table from a reputable manufacturer, but it lacks Shiatsu cable release and is only available in Dove Gray.

Table SpecsAdditional Specs
CFC-free PU upholsteryAuto-Lock, tool-less leg system
European beach wood, Dura-Seal protectedNumbered leg adjustment holes
3-inch thick cushion of multi-layer Small Cell foamDuo-Plane hinge for frame stability and durability
72 inches long (6 feet) x 30 inches wide (2.6 feet)Ergonomic Dream Adjustable face cradle
Adjustable height: 24-34 inchesMemory foam face pillow included
Weight limit: 650-750 lbs.Includes half round bolster
Table Weight: 34 lbs.Includes 4-pocket carrying case
Shipping Weight: 46.3 lbs.Includes 75-pack disposable face covers
5-year warranty (frame)Includes a fully padded Florida Style stationary arm shelf
2-year warranty (foam and upholstery)
Master Massage Montour LX Face Cradle
Montour LX face cradle
Master Massage Montour LX Face Cover
Montour LX face pillow cover
Master Massage Montour LX Bolster
Montour LX bolster
Master Massage Montour LX Carrying Bag
Montour LX 4-pocket carrying bag
Master Massage Montour LX CD
Montour LX 4-pack CD

User Reviews

The Master Massage Montour LX Massage Table is a fantastic table for Reiki. It has everything that a practitioner needs to get started.

At 34 lbs., it is quite lightweight for a wooden table since some can go as high as 38 lbs. However, its thickness makes it one of the bulkiest massage tables in the market. Many owners also claim that the table is in fact, heavy and tough to move. Carrying it can be a bit awkward for shorter practitioners.

Check out our Massage Table Cart Guide if you feel that your table is heavy enough to carry.

People who have used the Montour agree that the foam padding is incredibly relaxing. No complaints on the headrest as well.

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