Why Use A Massage Table Cart?

Massage Table Cart

If you have read most or all of the massage table reviews on this site, you may have noticed that many of them aren’t really something you would want to carry around on a regular basis. Sure, they’re labeled as portable by their manufacturers, but it mostly refers to the fact that these massage or Reiki tables can be folded and packed away with very little use of tools. The weight barely gets a compromise because it’s associated with the stability of the table. Make it too light, and you’ll have a wobbly table which can put your client’s safety at risk. Make it too heavy, and transportability becomes an issue. Having said that, a table cart is highly recommended for practitioners who are constantly on-the-go and don’t want the nuisances of carrying a massage table.

Massage Table Carts You Can Buy

You can purchase a massage table cart from major manufacturers like Earthlite, BestMassage, Sierra Comfort or Oakworks. They usually don’t make multiple models of these, so you are limited to one or a couple of each.

With respect to compatibility, all the carts in the chart below can accommodate any portable massage or Reiki table available in the market. Each of them is not limited to the brand that they carry but obviously prefers that you would pair the cart with the same brand as the table you own.

Alumobile Massage Table Cart- Lightweight aluminium frame
- 4 wheel base
- Quiet, durable ball bearing wheels
- Telescopic base
- Extendable straps
- Fits all sizes and brands
- Max table dimensions are 43" x 34" x 10"
Earthlite Traveler Massage Table Cart- Steel frame
- Anticorrosion finish
- Bigger, steadier wheels
- Strong wide strap
- Telescopic handle
Master Massage Universal Massage Table Cart- Fits all brands, sizes up to 32"
- Oversized 6-inch wheels
- Resilient telescoping handle
- Easy to fold
Royal Massage EZ Skate Massage Table Skate Cart- Fits 27-32-inch width massage tables
- Hardwood Construction
- Secure straps
- Quick release buckles
Earthlite Massage Table CartEarthlite Massage Table Cart- Steel tube construction
- 6 inch heavy duty wheels
- Stair glides
- Quick release strap fits all portable tables
- Includes Bungee cord
- Folds compactly for storage
- Weight: 9lbs.
Oakworks Table CartOakworks Portable Table Cart- Powder coated finish
- Waterproof and rust resistant
- Oversized wheels provide balanced support
- Easy turning and superb obstacle clearance
BestMassage Deluxe Wheeled Table CartBestMassage Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart- Lightweight aluminum frame
- Special frame legs stabilize your cart
- Padded cross braces cradle your table
- Velcro adjustable straps
- Heavy-duty polyurethane wheels
- Dimensions: 28" x 14" x 8"
Sierra Comfort Massage Table Cart (SC-517)Sierra Comfort Massage Table Cart (SC-517)- Metal frame construction
- Fits tables up to 9.5” W and 39” L (folded)
- 27.5-inch base
- 6-inch diameter wheels
- 6 lbs. (cart weight)
Sivan Health and Fitness Massage Table CartSivan Health and Fitness Massage Table Cart- Silent rubber wheels
- Padded cross braces for tear resistance
- Tubular metal frame
- Includes legs that stop the cart from tipping
Royal Massage Rolling Folding Massage Table Cart- Commercial grade heavy-duty polyurethane wheels
- Adjustable nylon tension bands
- Fits all portable massage tables
- Compact size
- Durable lightweight steel tube frame construction

The Idea

Before the advent of laptops and tablets, school children carried books of all sizes in their bags. These put a lot of strain on their bodies and would often hinder them when going up the stairs. To deal with this problem, manufacturers came up with trolleys. Soon, trolleys became so effective in elementary schools to the point that every student wants to have one.

The same idea applies to the massage table cart. Practitioners use it so that they can eliminate the worries of carrying around a bulky piece of equipment and instead, focus their efforts on the task at hand. It’s an added cost but one that’s necessary when the difficulty becomes a burden.

What To Look For In A Massge Table Cart

Table carts generally have similar features, but the most important thing to watch out for is durability. The brand will definitely play a role in this, but user reviews will augment what it claims. A couple other things to look for are ease of use and the quality of the wheels. For more information on these features, please watch the video below:

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